News Briefs: 27 Sep 2002

– After multiple failures of their database, Aerlig is recovering their forums. However, as their security seems to have been breached, the Prime Minister closed Parliament so that any further proceedings will not be lost. It will reopen in one week, or whenever the forums are working properly again. This reminds me of Pacary back in April, though it was their web host that pulled the plug on Pacary’s forums.

– Slobovia, a protectorate of Babkha, has gone on full alert. The president of Slobovia, Troy Thompson, declared that he is fed up with “unjust” comments against his nation and that any further such comments made by any nation (with the exception of Baracao, Babkha and Bathland) will be taken as an act of malice, ie. an act of war basically.

– Atteran Prime Minister Elect, Diga Makonnen will be now sworn in on October 07, 2002. The original date of October 01, 2002 has been pushed back to the seventh since PM Makonnen will be in the field on that day. This means that the GEC will continue to rule the Federation for an extra week. Also, when PM Makonnen takes office, he will relinquish his seat as an Imperial Ras on the GEC, and will be replaced with Ras Yeh. Makonnen will continue to sit on the GEC however, but will only vote when the, now 4 Imperial Ras’, GEC is deadlocked (The fourth Ras is Imperial Ras Julian Starr of Interland).


Blast, now I’ll have to make up some stupid barely-existent thingy and take it over just to keep up.
– Apollo Skyline Editor, Scott Alexander, on the MFP acquisition of the Bobessian Television Network. Sep 27, 2002.

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