News Briefs: 3 Aug 2002

– Well, the merger of what is left of South Mondesia and the United Bobbesian Republic went by as a pretty silent event. The ceremony took place on August 01/2002. It was held at the Jacksonvatta Center. However, there’s really been no change in the state of the UBR affairs as most SM citizens left SM before it tanked, and also because the UBR government, and the nation as a whole, has never been very active. It’ll be interesting to see if the merger is ever fully carried out.

– The New Worcestor Kingdom has celebrated its fourth year in existence. The anniversary took place on August 02, and was just a day after King Nicholas welcomed two new citizens into the NWK community. The NWK also released the results of its annual census, however, participation was lower than expected in the census. Those who never responded to the census were unceremoniously kicked out of the NWK. Also in NWK news, the King’s Paper, after a two year rest, has been restarted.

– After much wrestling with technical problems, the Tebec Commons General Election, scheduled from August 03, 2002 to August 10, 2002, has begun. The two parties running for election are the Tebec Conservative Party and the Democratic Liberal Party of Tebec. The TCP is looking for its second consecutive government while the DLPT will attempt to actually win some seats. The DLPT had won a seat in a by-election but never filled it, thus allowing many controversial bills to pass the Commons unopposed. Let’s hope their government for Tebec, should it ever become reality, isn’t that inactive.

– The first ever Micro-Monde Simulated Games will be taking place from October 07/2002 to October 18/2002. The deadline for bids ended on July 31/2002 and the city of Los AntrĂ©al, the capital of Tebec, was awarded the bid to host the games. Jacksonvatta, UBR apparently withdrew or failed to file a proper bid with the games commission. The official Government of Tebec press release can be seen in the Press Releases forum.

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