News Briefs: 3 Jan 2003

# (ATTERAN EMPIRE) Jan 01/2003: Mirza Malkom Khan, a member of the Babkhan Government, has called for the Scheheradze Convention to be moved to Menelmacar for completion. Mr. Khan, however, did not realize that the Convention was already concluded. The treaty has so far been ratified by the Atteran Empire; however, the status of the treaty in the legislative system of the other delegate nations is unknown. It is unclear whether or not the International Military Expo will be held in 2003. The first Expo ended on December 01/2002.
# (CUMQUAT) Jan 03/2003: The Archbishop of Koronia’s recent revocation of the licenses to Preach and Administer the Sacraments of the Imperial Church of the Rev. Robert Altman and Rev. Claudia Hartmann, has resulted in the affected Reverends seeking a court order for reinstatement of those licenses, said Leslie Winters, the attorney for the Reverends, today in a press release to the MFP. Winters believes that the revocation infringes upon the Protection of Employment Act (2000), which protects employees from arbitrary dismissal due to political or religious convictions.
# (AUDENTIOR) Jan 02/2003: After connection problems kept him offline for months, Tony Au (DStryker) has returned. He plans to restart the ICEO under his administration after it failed under the administration of Subhadip Sen.

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