News Briefs: 30 Oct 2002

– Amerada is holding yet another by-election for their federal legislature. The election is a two way fight between newcomer to Amerada, Daniel Means, and a veteran of Amerada, Liam Sinclair. So far (ie. as of October 30), Mr. Sinclair holds 54% of the vote.

– In Attera, Prime Minister Makonnen has announced that he will restart the All-Atteran Party. The All-Atteran Party is the largest political force in the Federation. The Party is based on the principles of nationalism, militarism and the Orbist principles on which the Atteran Federation was founded. The restarting of the party seems to be one of the ways that Prime Minister Makonnen hopes to increase activity in Attera, which has been experiencing a minor drought lately at their ezboard.

– Chairman Liam Sinclair of the Atteran Imperial Bank has announced that he has finally gotten a handle on all of the paper work that was piling up at the Bank. He said that the Bank is now operational as he has gotten most of the work out of the way. All Atterans, and foreigners alike, are welcomed to join in the Atteran economic simulation. For more on Attera’s economy, take a look at the Imperial Ministry of Economics’ fact sheet.

– In Cumquat, elections are getting underway for a new government. So far in the campaigning, Camp Washburn has made totally baseless personal attacks on the front runner, Matt McIvor, in an attempt to destroy his credibility and seize power. It is politics like this that give micronationalism a bad name. Micro-nations are supposed to be better than the real life politicians, but Washburn has shown that he is truly a despicable person. He (Washburn), even attempted to gain access to private information on Mr. McIvor’s census form from Amerada, according to the Office of the Vice President of Amerada. This was no doubt an attempt to use that information to launch further personal attacks against Mr. McIvor.

– The Democratic Liberal Party of Amerada will be running Earl Washburn and Roch St-Georges for the positions of President and Vice-President, respectively, in the December 2002 Presidential elections. Also in other Amerada executive news, President Washburn appointed Mr. Daniel Means to the useless position of Deputy Vice-President. The new position has added to Mr. Mean’s hideously long, spammish [sic] ezboard signature. It’ll soon be worst than one of Mr. Washburn’s typical signatures. You can see an example of Mr. Mean’s signature here.

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