News Briefs: 4 Dec 2002

# (MOROVIA) Dec 03/2002: Cardinal James Murphy has left Morovia, citing that Morovia as a nation is “no longer” due to the fact that the government is a “ghost” and that the national culture is merely a “collective wish.” Murphy also started his own micronational, known as the Kingdom of Hanover.
# (AMERADA) Dec 04/2002: Amerada Vice-President Daniel Means, who was appointed following the November 25/2002 resignation of Vice President Liam Sinclair (who left to take up a post as Chief Justice of the Amerada Supreme Court), has himself resigned and has left Amerada. Means was called before the court due to his actions as an administrator of the Amerada Ezboard in which he activated the post screening option in a public forum. The court has yet to make a formal decision on whether or not Mr. Means will be charged. Derek McCullough was sworn in the same day, becoming Amerada’s third Vice-President in the past couple of weeks.
# (CUMQUAT) Dec 06/2002: The Governor of the Cumquat Province of Southern Besaria, Alexander Holmes, announced that an attempted rebellion was foiled after an investigation by the Special Prosecutor appointed to look into the issue. It in unclear whether or not the attempt is associated with the Governor’s recent banning of religious services in the province’s capital, Nicosa.
# (NEW MACADAM) Dec 02/2002: The World Sevens Rugby League Championships are back underway. The annual event, held under the administration of the New Macadam Wirraram Board of Rugby League, is the only intermicronational rugby event in the MCS and Micro-Monde Sectors. Keep up-to-date on the events by reading the World Sevens Spectator.

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