News Briefs: 4 Feb 2002

New Macadam: New Macadam is active again legislatively. The new government was appointed February 03, with MPs and senators taking their seats the day before. The Federal Cabinet has remained the same for the most part, except that MOFF member, Liam Sinclair, was kicked out of Cabinet from his Minister of Finance position and replaced with MOFF member Peter Little. Mr. Sinclair holds the positions of MP and senator and had no objections to the cabinet shuffle. The MOFF party won 2 seats in the government with the rest going to the newly formed Alliance Party.

Tymaria: The Joint Task Force Headquarters are currently the active TDF headquarters after their home-based forum was made insecure by an administrator. The JTF HQ is located in South Mondesia and will remain the Headquarters for the TDF until the Prime Executive makes a secure High Command forum for the TDF at a reactivated board under his control.

South Mondesia: South Mondesia military expands to include the ISS – International Security Service. Though details are sketchy on this new branch, it is expected to gather intelligence from the international world that may be of use to South Mondesia and her allies. The specific roles will be outlined in the official South Mondesia National Defence Act, 2002, currently under development by Chief of the Defence Staff and Minister of Defence, General Liam Sinclair.

South Mondesia: South Mondesia has confirmed that it has granted asylum to Diga Makonnen. There have been rumours of others seeking asylum there but these have yet to be confirmed by the South Mondesian government.

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