News Briefs: 4 Feb 2003

# (ATTERAN EMPIRE) Feb 02/2003: The Atteran Imperial Government would like to announce to the remaining Atterans that later this week, you will all be receiving your new orders. Each citizen will be tasked with certain responsibilities and all will be expected to carry out those responsibilities.
# (AUDENTIOR) Feb 03/2003: After three weeks of inactivity, the PICO of Foreign Affairs, William Jesmer, has been replaced by Premier Alexander. His replacement, Harvey Steffke, has already taken office. The Premier has also announced that in response to the absence of the PICO of Defense, Orion Ilios, he will be taking control of the defense department.
# (BARACAO) Feb 03/2003: After a “democratic” election in the Republic of Baracao to replace inactive Chairman Cquila, Antonio Ramon has become Chairman. The elections have been ridiculed, however, as the only person on the ballot was Ramon. You can see some of the satire here.
# (BABKHA) Feb 02/2003: The Babak Kapav Mehr University is expected to open later this week. The University will offer courses in everything from micronational law, to Canadian Military History. Whether or not this one will actually succeed is unknown as most micronational universities in this sector last until the registration process ends.
# (AMERADA) Feb 04/2003: In just eight days, on Feb 12, the Republic of Amerada will celebrate its second anniversary. In commemoration of that event, the MFP is working on (but will we finish it…) a special edition reflecting upon the biggest events in Amerada’s second year. The Ministry of the Interior has yet to comment on the events planned for the anniversary.

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