News Briefs: 5 Oct 2002

– Pacary is deciding its future. So far, the option of joining Baracao is the most popular among the citizens and leadership. Baracao is very flattered.

– The Oh Scotia election has ended and as predicted, the MSOS took 2 of the four seats with the remaining two seats going to the DLPOS.

– The Micronational World was stopped dead in its tracks on October 02, 2002 when Ezboard began experiencing technical difficulties with their servers. Ezboard has shut down the servers for repair right now, and at the time of this report, they were down for 36 hours according to Ezboard.

– On Friday night (Oct 04, 2002), Skynet was attacked by a hacker. Skynet is the image host for Sander Dielemen, who is a renowned micronational ezboard designer. All his images were replaced with porn (tasteful porn, not fag porn, – that is, tasteful compared to the Fag Bomb). He later took all images offline, but not until the devastating effects of the incident had defaced the national boards of Pacary, and the New Worcestor Kingdom.

– Ras Diga was sworn in today as Prime Minister of Attera. He took his oath at the GEC.

*Places hand on Torah*
I swear before the Most High Maker of us all, that as Prime Minister of the Federation of the Imperial Atteran States, that I will remain committed to Atteran interests first and foremost. In addition, I promise to be fair and upright in executing the duties of my office and will uphold the constitution, laws and any other regulation, promulgated by our government. My loyalty is unwavering and as always, Attera will remain true to my heart, By the Maker, the Empress and our great micronation, this, I swear!

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