News Briefs: 6 Jan 2003

# (ATTERAN EMPIRE) Jan 06/2003: After years of secrecy, the Atteran Grand Executive Council, the Upper House of the Atteran Parliament, will begin conducting its legislative proceedings in public. The “new” GEC can be found at this link. Prime Minister Liam Sinclair stated that the opening of the GEC to the public is part of the ongoing plan to make the functions of the Empire more transparent to the general public. The First Session of the GEC gets underway later this month.
# (COMMONWEALTH OF TEBEC) Jan 03/2003: Registration has ended for the Tebec Commons By-Election to be held starting January 10/2003. The election will be the first time an email ballot system will be used within the Republic of Amerada. If the new senate act passes the federal legislature, there will be a general election for all of Amerada within the next few weeks and the email ballot system will see more common use within the Republic. Email ballots were outlawed by a law written and passed by the Washburn Administration. The law is still in effect for the colonies of Amerada. Tebec, being an external territory, maintains only cultural ties with the Republic.
# (AUDENTIOR) Jan 06/2003: The Audente elections are underway. They last from January 05/2003 until January 08/2003. So far, almost half of all registered voters have cast their ballots. Those who have been elected to their positions include: Aaron Bruno (High Judge), Philip Locke (Public Defender), Harvey Steffke (Public Accuser), Thomas Cutterham (PICO: Economics), Eoin Dornan (PICO: Interior Affairs), and Sirithil Nos Feanor (PICO: Science). Scott Alexander currently leads for the all-powerful position of Premier. For all the latest results in the election, check out the Audente Election Office.

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