News Briefs: 6 Nov 2002

– Mr. Daniel Means has won the by-election in Amerada by just two votes over Liam Sinclair. The DLPA managed to find three members on the internet in the final minutes of the election to give Means the victory. Official results as posted by Elections Amerada gave Means 50.00% of the vote, Sinclair had 47.50%, and there were two votes for the MSA (which never even registered for the election), giving them 2.50%.

– In Attera, Ras Yeh formally resigned from the nation citing a loss of interest in micronations. Prime Minister Makonnen announced that Ras Anderson will replace Ras Yeh on the Grand Executive Council. In addition, Ras Liam Sinclair will replace Ras Charles on the GEC, the latter has been inactive for quite sometime.

– In a press release, the Babkhan government stated that it has no intention to form any alliances that may harm the current peace and that the rumours of a Babkhan-Menelmacar-Baracao pact are just those – rumours.

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