News Briefs: 8 Jun 2003

(Hanover) June 07/2003 – Robert Gresham has won Hanover’s first High Court case today. Prime Minister Bennett filed a defemation suit against Gresham, only to have requested it dismissed today after well written defensive rebuttals by Gresham. Another court battle may be ensuing as Bennett claims his abandonment cannot be taken as losing the case, and thus, he is not required to pay Gresham’s legal expenses, which amount to almost 100 Talen. Gresham has threatened to refer the bill to a collection agency and have the accounts of Bennett frozen unless he pays it.

(Politika) June 08/2003 – The Scheheradze Convention on Micronational Warfare is up for voting in Politika’s House of Commons today. The measure is expected to be one of the more difficult bills to pass in Politika’s legislative history, as there are high profile supporters and opposers. Politika’s successful adoption of the intermicronational agreement is a prerequisite in the treaty renegotiations with Attera, and is hoped to help improve Politika’s ailing intermicronational image by promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

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