News Briefs: 9 Apr 2002

– Legislative elections in the Amerada Colony of Califario are over. The Communist Party won 7 of the 10 seats, with 2 going to the RCAC and 1 going to the DLPC. DLPA leader Earl Washburn said that a bunch of communists voted at the last possible moment, destroying the DLPC lead. DLPA governor of Califario, Matt McIvor now has to rule a colony with a Communist Legislature. Also, political party support polls for each of Amerada’s 13 colonies were released this week. After doing out the averages, here is the national political picture (unofficial of course) that the MFP calculated: 38.8% DLPA, RCAA/MSA (both are in a coalition): 43.5%, and other parties: 16.9% [+/- 1% margin of error]

– Earl Washburn was ordered placed under arrest in the Most Serene Empire of Cumquat after uttering blasphemous statements. Not a wise thing to do in a religions nation.

– Tebec, a colony in Amerada, is working in its new website, which is progressing quite well according to Governor Liam Sinclair. An Ezboard has also been renovated for the colony’s legislative proceedings at The legislature also passed three new bills, one a resolution condemning the President of Amerada in the Pacary incident, and two others, the Municipalities Act, 2002 (gives more domestic power to the Tebec government to structure towns), and the Official Names Act, 2002, which changed the name of the Colony of Tebec to just Tebec.

– Chris Donle has left the DLPA in Amerada to form his own party, The New Democratic Party. He wants a real liberal party in Amerada, not the, as he says “un-liberal, even communist-like” DLPA. It’s important to note that the DLPA is lead by two un-elected people, Derek McCullough, the Prime Minister of Amerada was appointed to the position after William Steeves was impeached and President Earl Washburn was appointed to the position over a year ago when President Weatherhead resigned. This is why Donle considers Washburn a dictator as he was never elected by the people of Amerada. Washburn says he won’t be calling an election for at least another 3-4 years, unless he finds someone who can do a better job than him before then.

– Update on the Pacary/Amerada incident: It’s pretty much over. That is all.

– Tymaria’s finance minister handed down the federal budget that outlines how much each department, service, and state will get from the federal government. Some ministers disappointed to learn that they won’t get all they wanted, other ministers, quite frankly, couldn’t care less what they got. Most ministers, however, had no comment, since they seem to have disappeared off the face of Micron.

– Prime Executive Rhode of Tymaria has seemingly disappeared. He never answered any emails sent to him by the Ministry of Defence regarding the Second Alliance and Legion incident and therefore his Chancellor, Dan Dreesbach, has taken over as interim-Prime Executive until Rhode reappears.

– The Apollo Fireball is closed. After 140 issues, Editor-in-Chief Scott Alexander has called it quits. His last edition was an apology to Diga Makonnen about wrongfully indicting him. It was a good run for Apollo Sector’s major newspaper, but as Alexander said, “Most of the Apollo Sector is now dead, it’s only fitting that the Fireball joins it”.

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