NEWS FLASH: Lemurian Ramu Assassinated!

Nista Ramure, Lemuria- The second Ramu of the Empire of Lemuria, Ramu Taiçardainre I, was found dead in his palace this morning, when attendants failed to rouse him from a strong night of celebrations last evening.

The Mu was rushed by ambulance motorcade to the Ramure Central Hospital at around 6:30am this morning, after failing to rise for a meeting with the new Government of the Empire. After spending an hour trying to revive the beloved leader, the Ramu was declared dead at 7:47am.

It was soon announced to the media by Meran Aauberman, who was to be sworn in today as the Officer for State Affairs, that the Ramu had died silently in his sleep from what appeared to be a poison inserted into his food or drink sometime during the previous night. The slow acting agent did not affect the Mu until well after he had returned to the palace last night. He had not complained of any pain or injury before retiring for the night, so it can only be assumed that he died peacefully once asleep.

Rumours are already circulating that the assassination may have been the work of a small splinter group who were unhappy with the nations withdrawal yesterday from the Grand Commonwealth. Police have not yet released a statement to the media, but an unusual amount of activity at police headquarters today show that they may have a number of leads on the case.

The Council of Elders has been called into emergency session this afternoon for the arduous task of appointing a new Ramu to the Lemurian throne. There is currently no clear contender amongst the Lemurian families to take the role, who were all very fond of the now deceased leader. Being the youngest Ramu to date, at just 28, there has been little previous discussion about a possible successor for Taiçardainre. A spokesman for the Aféñ family said that ?Mu Taiçardainre has been a uniting force for the Empire, just as Ségirdair was before him. It is hard to believe that we have lost two great leaders in as many years.?

A memorial service for Taiçardainre I will be held next Monday in the national capital. It has been declared that all flags will fly at half mast till this date.

Apollo Inquisitor will keep you up to date on the latest in this breaking story as it comes to hand.

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