News Shorts: 11 May 2007

Alexandria: Founded as the Kingdom of Madland on May 7, 2002, the Empire of the Alexandrians celebrated its fifth anniversary this week. Emperor Edgard II handed out a long-winded list of awards in commemoration of the event.

Grand Commonwealth: Incumbent Taoiseach Sir Iain de Vembria from the United Baronies easily defeated his sole competitor, King Oscar, by a 5-to-1 margin in this week’s election. Oscland’s recent admission to the Grand Commonwealth last month, as well as the experience held by de Vembria in the top governmental position was undoubtedly two of the major factors in Oscar’s defeat.

New Brittania: After delving into the realm of fantasy as the Kingdom of Númenor, that micronation has reverted to its original name of ‘New Brittania’ after overwhelming support for the move by the citizenry.

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