News Shorts for 02 July 2007

Paulovia: The Kingdom’s discussion forums have closed, in what is a final, but expected, nail in the coffin of Paulovia as a simulationist endeavour. Following vicious opposition to its plans to take over former Gotzborg territory on the Geographical Standards Organisation world map just months ago, Paulovia retreated from relations with the simulationist community and ended many of its simulated programmes (such as its military).

Grand Commonwealth: A series of procedural errors in the Majlis-i-Dharma, the governing body of the organization, has caused upheaval and delays in several pieces of legislation. The problems began when it was pointed out that Dugobert Wurmser, who had been voting and proposing legislation was in fact not a lawful member. Further problems were encountered when Benjamin Gray, who acts as Treithar’s delegate to the body, had failed to register as a member under the Standing Orders.

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