News Shorts for 1 September 2007

Alexandria: Alexandria’s High Court has belatedly issued an order to the Speaker of the Imperial Parliament, Felix Cavendish, to perform his duty within by September 4 or be stripped of the position. The order came following a petition filed by Pete James with the Court on August 24. Meantime, the Speaker was stripped of his position already on August 30 under the authority of the PPRA Reform Act of 2006. That Act effects the resignation of the speaker if he is absent for a period of ten days. In this case, Mr. Cavendish claimed the inactivity was the result of a broken laptop, and not a conscious decision to neglect his duties.

Geographical Standards Organization: Following the resignation of cartographer Jeremy Bellamy, GSO President Extreme of Karnali has openly called for volunteers to come forward to replace Bellamy on the Design Committee. To date the only volunteer has been Will Tomsett, though he has not been formally declared a member of the committee yet.

New Britannia: After a brief civil war, New Brittania’s three heirs to the throne have agreed to the selection of a new king. The power vacuum and ensuing conflict occurred following the abdication of the micronation’s founder and first king, Jeremy Bellamy. King Joseph of Nova England, under a similar moniker (but with no relation to his Nova England throne), is the new King of New Britannia.

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