News Shorts for 11 September 2007

Shireroth/Babkha: The two historic micronations of Shireroth and Babkha have re-enabled their age old Mango-Camel Pact. The Pact was originally signed in July 2003, but fell into ineffectuality when Babkha found itself becoming a member of the Grand Commonwealth in 2005. The move to re-invigorate relations between the two micronations comes amid Babkha’s new-found independence from the Grand Commonwealth, and Shireroth’s continuing multi-year struggle to maintain relevance in the intermicronational world.

Leon and Venezia: Citing a period of “terrible” inactivity, including an inactive parliament, Prince Luis Alejandro II has dissolved the National Parliament and suspended the micronation’s constitution as of September 7. He has also invoked martial law throughout the United Principalities, with no indication as to when the micronation will return to normality.

Luthoria: Aedan Clark has been elected by Parliament to serve as the nation’s new prime minister. Clark garnered 71.4% of the total vote, while Dolph Bishop came in a distant second with 28.5%. Liam Reagan, best known for being the mastermind behind several deletions of the Emeraldian forums, withdrew his candidacy citing that it was not a position he particularly wanted and that he “will be to [sic] busy to even attempt to give it a try.”

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