News Shorts for 15 August 2007

Alexandria: The recently elected Imperial Parliament is set to undertake its session with the organizing resolution having been adopted by the members. The Speaker for the session is Felix Cavendish, while the Conservative Party Majority Leader will be Matthieu Poiters. Richard Andelarion, the only non-Conservative to be elected to Parliament for this session, will be the Minority Leader. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Jose Frias has voiced his intent to reintroduce the controversial Alexandrian Commitment Act that aims to block Alexandrians who hold the head of state or head of government of another micronation from running for election to the Prime Minister’s office.

Rambai: After more than a month of discussions, the Kingdom of Rambai has formally ceded its sovereignty to the Kingdom of Novasolum. The King of Rambai, Paduka Kebawah (aka. Thomas Maher), proclaimed the event as “one of the most momentous occasions in our nation’s history,” while Novasolan King John noted that it was his “singular honour” to ascend the throne of Rambai. Despite both Novasolum and Rambai having shared populations, which was a key motivation for the annexation, Alexandria’s Prime Minister Frias reacted with suspicion stating that he will “re-evaluate” his previous decision to establish cordial relations with the Novasolans.

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