News Shorts for 15 July 2007

United Baronies: The English Intermicronational Football Association, the longest-running football (soccer) organization in the Anglophone simulationist community, has announced its intent to hold a new World Cup. The last World Cup, held in 2004/2005, attracted twenty-eight participants from throughout micronationalism, not just the Anglophone community. The 2007 World Cup will be held in the United Baronies, with some matches being played in the Kingdom of Babkha. The Independent State of Crudus Ignavus, a secessionist state, has given notice that it will secede from the United Kingdom on 2 August 2007. Meant to be a “serious nation,” its Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Daniel Scullane, has said that the main motivation behind the decision to secede is “ridiculous, over-bearing legislation that has no place in a civilised nation.” The two examples of such legislation cited in his statement are the United Kingdom’s public smoking ban, and the European Union’s requirement for use of the metric system as opposed to the Imperial System of measurement.

Cyberia: Following prolonged criticism concerning his desires to achieve peace with the Federal Republic, and most recently, a warrant for his arrest issued by Chief Justice Alan Grieve, Virtual Commonwealth President Zach Anderson has announced his resignation from that office, as well as his citizenship, effective immediately today. The arrest warrant was issued following Mr. Anderson’s failure to provide information in a recent court proceeding, and was withdrawn upon his resignation of citizenship. Michael Fors, who was appointed as Acting President earlier due to Mr. Anderson’s leave of absence, continues in that capacity until new elections can be held. The resignation comes barely a week after he outlined a plan of action for reinvigorating Cyberia.

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