News Shorts for 17 September 2007

Novasolum: The Kingdom of Novasolum has fallen on hard times, with activity proceeding at a snail’s pace in light of King John Darcy having mysteriously disappeared from the micronation without notice. First Secretary Thomas Maher has attempted to maintain some limited governmental activity with new public service appointments. Concerns have been raised over the absence of the head of state, given that the micronation is largely dependent on an active head of state at such an early stage in its existence.

Babkha: The Kingdom of Babkha and the Empire of the Alexandrians are set to sign a new treaty of alliance. According to Babkhan Grand Vizier Hesam Jahandar, the agreement will formally lay out a commitment on the part of both micronations to present a unified front on major intermicronational issues, as well as allow for sharing of intelligence.


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