News Shorts for 22 June 2007

Novasolum: Charles deMontford, a former Gotzer who took up citizenship in the Kingdom of Novasolum soon after its foundation, today criticized its government for “ [offering] very few opportunities to participate in [the Kingdom] at the moment.” Baron Hugh O’Neill, the Minister for External Affairs, conveyed his agreement and accredited the slow pace of the government to macronational time constraints.

Jamzinia: In an honours ceremony on June 15, King James I awarded Thomas Carroll with a place on the prestigious ‘Wall of Honours.’ The acknowledgement was a result of his work in the Church and in his Secretary of Home State role, which the King said has “positively contributed to Jamzinia as a whole … [providing] a morale boost to many citizens.”

Loen and Venezia: Brabatio Noche became the new prime minister of the United Principalities on June 20 following the recent dismissal of Anibal Acevedo Vila from that office.

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