News Shorts for 25 August 2007

New Brittania: New Brittania’s founder, Jeremy Bellamy, has abdicated as its King after leading the micronation since August 9, 2005. The abdication was officialised on August 21 and was a result of Bellamy’s belief that it was “time to step aside.” Bellamy will maintain an active relationship with the micronation though he will take a lesser role in its governing. A new king has yet to be chosen due to there being three legitimate heirs to the New Brittanian throne.

Jamzinia: In celebration of Founders Day earlier this month, Jamzinia has revamped its “Online Money System” with a new points system. The new system is similar to loyalty rewards seen at many macronational companies, and will allow the micronation’s citizens to collect points for posting, contributing to the expansion of cultural material and participating in events. The points can then be redeemed for various rewards. King James’ justified the dissolution of the money system on the basis that it may cause newcomers to Jamzinia to misinterpret its long-term goals (specifically, the money system could make newcomers think that Jamzinia is purely simulationist).

Antica: Just over a month after deciding to end its existence as an online micronational endeavour, the Republic of Antica is set to embark on an uneasy future with a new system of government. It is hoped that the move will revive interest in the micronation. The change in heart over the end of the micronation came upon news that its web presence would not end with this month as anticipated.

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