News Shorts for 26 June 2007 King Jeremy of New Britannia has announced the creation of a new intermicronational organization, known as the League of Micronational States. The organization has been founded with the aim of bringing together micronations on both the Micronational Cartography Society and Geographical Standards Organization world map projects. The goals of the organization are to present a forum for discussion on issues that affects its membership, the establishment of an intermicronational court of justice, and the creation of combined armed forces (voluntary on the part of the members). Delegations can also apply to receive a free email address according to the King.

Novasolum: John Darcy, known locally as King John in the Kingdom of Novasolum, is now officially its monarch following a formal coronation over the weekend. The ceremony, which began on June 21, has largely wrapped up with only congratulatory notes still being posted.

Mexihco: A total overhaul of the nobility system for the Empire of Mexihco has occurred, splitting the nobility into two tiers (after the royal ranks). The first tier is the “Grande de Mexihco” and serves as the most honourable tier, while the second, the “Titled Nobles” includes such traditional noble ranks as duke, count, and knight, among others.

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