News Shorts for 28 July 2007

Babkha: One day into the Durbar of the People of Babkha, convened to determine the fate of Babkha’s membership in the Grand Commonwealth, a majority of Babkhans have voiced their support for secession from that intermicronational organization. While the Durbar will continue until July 30, six of eleven eligible citizens have cast votes in favour, while no one has yet come out against the proposal.

Alexandria: Prime Minister Frias has announced his cabinet for the next four months. Jean Pierre Robespierre will be the Minister of the Interior, Enrique Carrillo the Minister of Defence, and newcomer Ronnie Vibora will serve as Minister of Justice. Meanwhile, Mr. Frias’ competitor in the recent election, Augusto Benavides, will serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs, a ministry in which he has long been employed.

Novasolum: Instability in the database has caused the Kingdom of Novasolum to temporarily take its forums offline while corrective measures are undertaken. The instability has resulted in the loss of all posts to the forums made in the last nine days.

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