News Shorts for 31 May 2007

Attera: Refusing to die despite disinterest and lack of time on the part of its few remaining citizens for almost a year-and-a-half, the Atteran Empire has a new regent. Emperor Yonatan Tzion Yaqob, better known as Johanns fonn Klosso, has appointed Daniel Dreebach to the position to run the micronation’s government until such a time when the Emperor has more free-time macronationally. Attera was a widely successful micronation until a series of incidents in early-to-mid 2005 which caused irreparable internal rifts between its population and former Emperor Mik’el Tzion.

Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia: Following an April election which brought it a new President and National Assembly, Cyberians are preparing to held to the polls again next month. The citizens recalled the National Assembly after it was unable to elect a speaker, thus paralyzing the micronation’s government. Election Day occurs on 16 June, with the hope that a functional National Assembly can be formed. Micronational heraldry has returned energetically as the College of Arms has received a new director. Regicollis has given the ailing institution a significant boost with his attention to macronational heraldic regulations and quality work. The College of Arms is the first and only dedicated intermicronational heraldic institution, as in the past individual micronations (such as Gotzborg) which had proper heraldic institutions rarely extended services beyond their national borders.

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  1. There is now a functioning Assembly in Cyberia through June 16, when the special election is held.

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