News Shorts for 9 June 2007

New Brittania: A June parliamentary election in New Brittania has concluded, electing three individuals out of a field of four to serve in its legislative organ. Royalist Party candidate Dave Malins, elected as the member for North Witham province, was appointed to serve as Prime Minister. The remaining members elected are James Williams and Liam Reagan.

YouTube: A video on YouTube encourages the viewer to help find Ardashir Khan, former Babkhan Shah and micronational veteran who left the community earlier this year. The creative video features screenshots of a large number of online micronations, making it a historically valuable work, even if Ardashir remains at large by the end of the video. Editor’s note: Ardashir has made appearances in Babkha and Hatay recently.

Rambai: The Kingdom of Rambai, a micronation founded by Thomas Maher, has received a website upgrade made possible via CMS Made Simple. Work is still continuing on the website, but so far it is one of the most eye-pleasing sites developed for a micronation this year.

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