News Shorts for December 11, 2007

Devonia: Parliamentary elections in the Kingdom of Devonia have concluded, with three candidates having been elected to the national legislature. Among the elected candidates is Austi Scot, who resigned as Prime Minister earlier this month after King Rafael, acting on the advice of Michael Dervin, decided to perform duties originally tasked to the Prime Minister’s office. According to Scot, Dervin is acting as a “defacto King” of Devonia and he does not wish to be a Minister of the Crown if King Rafael is unwilling to “back [his] ministers.”

Bosworth: In an effort to further develop its medieval English theme, the Kingdom of Bosworth has adopted Old English as its official second language. It will be used in all official documentation and, it is hoped by King Edward, that the use of the language will increase Bosworth’s culture.

Oddly Enough: Just in time for the Christmas season, a new micronation of reindeer herders has been founded. The creatively named “Nation of the Reindeer Herders” consists of a population with a desire to “live a simple life herding our reindeer, respecting nature, and caring for the lands we live on.” The Reindeer Herders also voiced their defiance against Anthropologists, noting that such academics “may study us under their instruments, but we will not change.” Anthropologists, while on their fifteen-minute break from flipping burgers at the local fast food outlet, did not appear amused by the characterisation.

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