News Shorts for December 13, 2007

Constitutional reform not within reach

Nearing the one-month anniversary of the start of constitutional reform discussions, there is still little movement towards the adoption of any proposals currently on the table in New Britannia. The major hurdle in the discussions has been the method by which ministers of the government are to be appointed and held accountable; while discussions on other matters continues to lag behind expectations. There is no timeframe yet announced for adoption of the new constitution.

Regency quietly ends

Babkha’s Shah Rashid has returned from over a month of absence caused by his admission to a Swedish hospital after falling ill. The regency of Grand Vizier Hesam Jahandar, which had accomplished a significant amount of work in its first weeks, quietly ended yesterday when the Shah formally returned to his duties. The Regent’s most controversial decision was to confront the Islamic Kingdom of Hatay, which was formed by a group of former Babkhans from the sultanate of the same name. The Babkhan government, which was initially indifferent to the existence of the Imperial Kingdom, declared its founder, Angel Davis, a criminal for “usurping the throne of Hatay” from her daughter. The Islamic Kingdom has, it appears, since been dissolved.

Second annual card exchange underway

The Kingdom of Hanover is holding its annual Christmas card exchange, with those wishing to receive a card from King Alexander (via post) having to make notice of that desire by December 15. Micronationalists have also been encouraged to send the King a Christmas card to his Bradenton, Florida home to “share the season … in the spirit of peace and friendship.”

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