News Shorts for October 1, 2007

Babkha: Babkha’s Shah Rashid Arsalani has formally announced a transfer of land from New Brittania to his nation on the Geographical Standards’ Organisation Geiss world map. The transfer stems from a final order of former New Brittanian King Jeremy Bellamy upon his abdication to grant Babkha control over all of New Britannia’s overseas colonies, except for the island of Lynton. Five territories have been added to the Babkhan Crown Estate, while Bellamy has been awarded a hefty financial reward from Babkha (where he is known as “Sahib Jahandar Khan” and serves as a member of Babkhan military and intelligence).

Alexandria: Results of the emergency election to establish the Ninth Imperial Parliament have concluded in Alexandria with three uncontested candidates gaining seats – Pete James representing the overseas territories, Matthieu Poiters representing San Martin, and Juan Ciervo taking the Rio Grande seat. Two contested races in Valenciennes and Baudrix resulted in the election of Emile Jolicoeur and Jean Pierre Robespierre, respectively. Due to a lack of candidates coming forth in the main election to represent Ibelin, a by-election will be held later. Currently, the defeated candidates in Valenciennes and Baudrix (Lysander Spooner and John Carmichael) have obtained residence in Ibelin to compete for the final parliamentary seat. In terms of party standings, the Amelioration Party gained a second seat, while the Conservatives lost one (compared to the Eighth Imperial Parliament).

Ocia: In an effort to stimulate participation in its national forums, the Federal Republic of Ocia has implemented a new economy that rewards posters for each post made in accordance with set regulations. At current, there are 500 Tolars (as the national currency is called) in circulation, with each person making a qualifying post receiving One Tolar. Similar economic systems have been implemented in other micronations, past and present.

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