News Shorts for October 16, 2007

Shireroth: One of the oldest simulationist micronations, Shireroth, founded in April 2000, has finally accepted the reality of its years of struggle with inconsistent activity and dedication on the part of the majority of its citizens. In a message posted in the name of its cultural icon, Malarbor (typically updated by Scott Alexander and Erik Metzler), the micronation was noted as being “gone,” though no official dissolution will be decreed in keeping with its cultural prophecy.

The message has called for micronationalists to preserve the memory of Shireroth rather than attempt to take an “interest in the unnatural prolongation of Shireroth’s lifespan.” Intermicronationally, Shireroth slipped into permanent obscurity in 2005, though it had been flirting with such status since the year prior when its most recent activity woes began to take root. It is best known for its role in the creation of the Micronational Cartography Society.

Alexandria: Lysander Spooner has been elected by a margin of two votes over opponent John Carmichael to represent the province of Ibelin in the Imperial Parliament. The by-election has triggered some ill feelings with at least two citizens not being able to cast a ballot due to technical issues. There is no indication that a revote will be held in light of those issues.

New Brittania: Jeremy Bellamy, the founder of New Britannia, has abruptly announced his departure from micronationalism, citing that it is time to try “new things and what not,” and quipped that micronationalism is “the biggest effort pit I’ve ever encountered.” Bellamy abdicated from the New Brittanian throne in August 2007 just over two years after he created the micronation. He has not ruled out an eventual return to the hobby.

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