News Shorts for October 20, 2007

Cyberia: The latest round of elections for the National Assembly and presidency in the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia has concluded. David Catchpole was elected as president, while Peter Krembs, David Oatney, and Neil Spall will sit on the assembly. A total of four citizens cast ballots, marking a decrease in voter participation compared to the last two elections in January and August of this year when nine and six citizens, respectively, voted.

Devonia: After returning from a multi-year absence from micronationalism, Austi Scot has quickly risen to the prime ministry of the Kingdom of Devonia, having been appointed to the post by King Rafael on October 15. In his inaugural speech, Scot called on the citizenry to “step forward to serve in the positions needed from time to time … [to] serve your King, your country, and one another.” He did not release an agenda for his ministry, instead asking the citizenry to set the agenda for him.

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