News Shorts for October 31, 2007

Babkha: The founder of Babkha, Babak (also known as Baharm Gul Khurdamin), has announced his return to the micronation after an absence of several years, proclaiming that Babkhans are a “proud people who have outlived every nation that has come before them.” It is yet to be confirmed if the person is indeed Babkha’s infamous founder.

Alexandria: The Ternion Confederation has been announced by Alexandria, Stormark, and Hatay as a collective effort to establish a stronger bond between the three. The micronations all share the same empress (Angel Davis), and currently have a very close relationship with one another. This latest agreement is designed to formalize the desire of all three governments to preserve peace and security and enable closer economic cooperation. The agreement will be in force for at least the next two years.

Geographical Standards Organisation: In an effort to diversify sporting leagues on Geiss, Troy Thompson has created the Geiss Basketball Association utilizing the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Sports League platform. The season will begin on November 12, with rosters being automatically drafted after all teams have been signed up. The league is open to any person from a micronation resident on Geiss.

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