NEWSFLASH: ACP No Longer has Absolute Majority in Parliament

Imperial Parliament, Geneva – Franco Torres stunned Imperial Parliament officials last night as he formally left the Alexandrian Conservative Party (ACP) in favor of going Independent. Immediately after he announced this decision, he lodged a request to organize a new party, the Union of Christian Democrats.

With the resignation being handed in late last night, no one at the ACP has yet commented on M. Torres’ decision.

What this means for the ACP is that they find themselves with only 42.8% of the Imperial Parliament’s seats, down from 57%, on the roster. They remain the largest party, but no longer have stranglehold on the house.

Meanwhile, the inactivity of major government officials means that there has still been no action taken to fill the empty seat left following Liam Sinclair’s resignation, last week. This despite M. Sinclair warning Parliament well in advance of the announcement.

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