Newsmakers of 2007

With another year drawing to a close, the Coprieta Standard takes a moment to reflect on our newsmakers of 2007.


The Republic of Ocia brings a Slovenian twist to the micronational theme and manages to survive the anger of Babkha on not one, but two different occasions. Hatay envious of Ocian resilience in the face of camel attack.

So Much For …

One of the most widely successful and respected micronations, the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, exits abruptly from the community in April.

The historic intermicronational organisations, the League of Micronations and the Splendid Union of Micronations, both highly successful for many years at the start of this decade, pack their bags and move in with the League of Secessionist States.

What a difference a year makes

A stratocracy in 2006, Treithar tries its hands at a different form of government, but by the end of 2007, returns to being a stratocracy for lack of anything better.

Atteran leadership intent on bringing micronation back into greatness in 2006, but forget that doing so requires them to be actually active participants. Ditto, 2007.


The Kingdom of Morovia returns after more than two years with a bang, drawing in more than a dozen new citizens in a matter of weeks.

Large numbers of old ‘dead’ micronationalists are seen closing in on the community post-summer. Initial hysteria about imminent apocalyptic zombie attack proves to be unfounded.


Gotzborg takes over fellow Novasolum Regional Community ally Anthelia in February. Alexandria rejoices; still hates Darcy and Nevens.

Alexandria acquires some new territories, most, if not all, of which were actually created by its citizens wearing different hats. Why take over other micronations when you can make your own willing targets?


Natopian legislator calls for the murder of all fat people. Natopians not amused.

Lysander Spooner (Julien Starr) returns to community with a bang, refuses to share intelligence files with Alexandrian government on potential threat, and, despite his last ditch attempts to rectify the error, is recalled from his seat in the Alexandrian Imperial Parliament. A historical first in that micronation.

Harald Thorstein forgets to register Stormark land expansions with GSO, but uses his power as a GSO Director to still order the expansions added to the world map. GSO membership is not amused and Thorstein barely escapes intense public outcry.

Joshua Coales (dr-spangle) tries to hack administrator accounts at the MNN forums; becomes first ever micronationalist to be permanently banned from the community hub.


Jeremy Bellamy abdicates from New Britannia throne in late August, declaring that it was time for him to step aside as the micronation’s monarch. Reclaims the throne by the end of October.

Lysander Spooner vows to champion the federalist cause in the Alexandrian Imperial Parliament at the end of September. Barely days into November, Spooner is campaigning for the dissolution of Alexandria’s provinces.

Shireroth pulls an Erik Metzler: commits micronational suicide and then returns with a new personality with the last body barely in the ground. Veteran micronationalists continue to hope that Shireroth does not have the five dozen personalities that Metzler does; else, this could become very annoying.


The Kingdom of Babkha, after two years of near death experience, throws away the confines of the Grand Commonwealth and thrusts back into the limelight when, essentially, all of its pre-Commonwealth population return to activity.

The Federal Republic of Cyberia outlasts its archenemy, the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, proving that a one-man micronation of stubborn papels may very well be the key to cyber domination.

Alexandrian Conservative Party crush opposition and take all but one seat in July election thanks to ineffective leadership of Amelioration Party Prime Minister Pete James.


The quick rising micronation of Emeraldia has its potential destroyed by Liam Reagan, who proceeds to hack and delete the micronation’s forum three times. Has yet to delete Emeraldia’s successor state.

Alexandrian Conservative Party, after July election, forgets that they’re actually supposed to do parliamentary work and are unceremoniously fired by the Emperor for their ineffective leadership. Historic victory turns to historic failure.

Public Relations

Kingdom of Paulovia attempts to annex former Gotzborg lands on GSO world map and, in the process, peeves off most every micronation and micronationalist in the community. Paulovia seen driven from the community in July with its tail between its legs.


John Darcy heralds the Kingdom of Novasolum as a new home for former Gotzers and Anthelians; ascends the throne but disappears two months later, leaving the micronation to its death.

The Kingdom of Hanover invites the simulationist world to its territory for a rare intermicronational conference, then leaves the conference after being blackmailed by its former King, James Murphy.

The micronational world continues to find itself confounded by the spelling and grammar of young new micronationalists.

The micronational world continues to find itself confounded by the diplomatic skills of Ocian President Matt Kovac.


The micronation legislature known as the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia is finally unable to keep itself propped up on elections and legislation alone, and all but collapses.

The Grand Commonwealth, known as the Great Satan to Shireroth, falls apart after member micronations realize that, after two years, they haven’t actually benefited from the Commonwealth structure.

The End?

Prominent micronationalists that called it quits in 2007 or have otherwise all-but-disappeared into the macronational abyss: Thomas Maher; John Darcy; Iain de Vembria; Maximos; and Johanns fonn Klosso.

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