No Sunset to Paulovia Condemnation in Gotzborg

A bill introduced by the Royal Government to amend the recently passed Condemnation of Paulovia Act has failed to gain the necessary majority in the Chamber of Deputies. Voting on the amendment bill produced a split in the body after the end of the standard four-day voting period.

One of the leaders of the Paulovian condemnation movement in the Royal Kingdom, Hugh O’Neill, was the only person to post a passionate plea during the debate of the amendment bill. In his speech, O’Neill stated his belief that the inclusion of any sunset clause on the original demands of the Act would defeat its purpose, essentially allowing Paulovia to wait-out the ill-effects of the Act for sixty-days. At that time, Paulovia would receive the equivalent of a “slap on the wrist” for its actions as the Royal Government would likely exercise the sunset clause. According to O’Neill, the sunset clause “[avoids] addressing the root of the problem … [Philip James’] immense concentration of power,” noting that while Paulovia’s King Paul appears to be a friend of Gotzborg, its top government ministers, especially Mr. James (who holds many of the most important posts in the Paulovian government, such as defence), aren’t so friendly.

There was no substantial case put forth by the Royal Government for the adoption of the amendment, other than that it should have the power to sunset the Act in the future if Paulovia’s behaviour improves.

Meanwhile, in Paulovia, the Condemnation of Paulovia Act has been received with attention by the Royal Paulovian Government. According to James, “the Condemnation of Paulovia Act is a ‘knee jerk’ reaction by … the Chamber of Deputies due to perceived threats to Gotzborg and a betrayal (unfounded) of the Novasolum Treaty ethos, rather than [Paulovia’s] reasoned response to … the possible destabilising effects of the proposed [Anthelian] annexation [by Gotzborg].”

No word has been given by the Royal Government at this time regarding the failure so it is unclear whether another attempt will be made to amend the Act with a sunset clause. At current, two articles of the Act have yet to be complied with by Paulovia – demilitarization of the Oros Protectorate, and an apology from Paulovia for interfering in the “sovereign affairs” of both Anthelia and Gotzborg.

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