Nothing Personal: Emperor and PM Spat in GEC Ends

This week in the GEC there was a heated exchange of words reminiscent of the old squabbles of the Imperial Rasinate’s Yezawd Derg elections in 1999.

What many in the Intermicronational Community refer to as the “Atteran Angst” tended to be exhibited by His Majesty, the Emperor, and his Prime Minister. Emperor Mik’el Tzion I and Prime Minister Sinclair, both veterans of the Tymarian merger, served together in the Tymarian Defence Forces. After the Emperor’s resignation as Tymarian Defence Minister, Sinclair took the helm and worked closely with the Emperor to ensure that Attera and Tymaria would not go to war with one another, namely during the Attera-Free Republic dispute, even though in both governments there were individuals clamouring for it.

With any friendship, there are times of stress, especially in the Atteran Empire where the end of the Prime Minister’s term is soon approaching. With rumours that the Emperor is considering abdication, both men are seeking to direct the empire in a way that will ensure its continued success and longevity.

Where many feel that there are feelings of bad blood between Emperor and Prime Minister due to differing styles, both tend to compromise on various issues for the benefit of not only the state, but for each other. We are assured by both Emperor and Prime Minister that they are still friends and don’t take anything personal with the other.

The argument over questions being sent to the GEC from the Imperial Ministry of State, along with areas of responsibility and control, has been settled, more with loud barking and very little bite. This is often reflective of the Atteran internal style that often seems very hostile to outsiders, but insiders know that these spats are inherent in situations where there are limited resources and overlapping authority.

The fix for situations such as this is that with more citizens there will eventually be a chain of command based on seniority and tenure. The current chain of command, while there, has been obscured by a lack in manpower resources, with Sinclair having served as Regent and Prime Minister at the same time for example. Once the chain of command has been clearly established, and there is enough manpower to prevent serious overlapping of authority, there will not be any “stepping on toes” or conflicts within the ministries as everyone will know their place and responsibilities. But with many micronations today dealing with limited population and vast workloads, the “Atteran Angst” could spread all over the Intermicronational Community, as a trend which will reflect the stress of being overwhelmed.

With files from Liam Sinclair.

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