Novasolum membership in re-evaluation once more

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC NewsSpeaker Pete James of the Imperial Parliament recently re-opened the long suspended vote on Alexandria’s withdrawal from Novasolum, which was closed when a conference on the matter was called in Geneva. Now that the 4th Imperial Parliament is closing in October 21st, the vote has been re-opened, but the tally is still unlikely to change.

The vote is tied 3 votes in favor (Frias, Cesaire and James) and 3 votes against (Poitiers, Ciervo and Robespierre) with two abstentions from two members in Parliament that are currently inactive (Gordon and LeMamon).

The Prime Minister has publicly stated in Parliament that he remains committed to seeing Alexandria withdraw from Novasolum. “My vote will stand firmly in the OUI. Just look at recent events – Novasolum was on the edge of a ineralliance war. What kind of alliance is that? Better to be alone than ill-accompanied,” said the Prime Minister.

The push for an Alexandrian withdrawal from Novasolum sharply divided the Conservative Party, and possibly contributed to the departure of its junior MP Jean Pierre Robespierre and one of its greatest leaders, Cardinal de Beaufort. This issue is certainly going to factor into the upcoming Prime Ministerial elections in November, where the opposition is expected to be emboldened by a weak Conservative voter base.

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