Novasolum reflects on its future

A recent discussion as to whether the micronation is still viable may be the igniting source to bring the Kingdom of Novasolum back to an active existence after close to four weeks of inactivity. The inactivity was caused by an impromptu absence of the King, John Darcy at the end of August, combined with the young micronation’s dependency on its sovereign to allow day-to-day operations of the government to proceed.

The discussion as to whether Novasolum was “dead” was initiated by Konrad von Zeck and was soon used by Charles deMontford to propose “radical action,” specifically through a revolution to replace the absent King John, though he did not elaborate on how to go about such an action. The idea found little support among the citizenry of the micronation.

Todd Durfee, alluding to the inactivity as a problem caused by more than just the King’s absence, challenged his fellow citizens to reflect on the question of what they have done in the last two months to “build, strengthen, and enjoy the Kingdom … and all that it has and in the future will offer me?”

Hearing of the unrest amongst his subjects, King John returned yesterday to announce that he would meet with the Privy Council to discuss the currently low levels of activity within the Kingdom. As those discussions proceed, further public announcements will be made as required.

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