Novasolum Treaty on the Brink

The Novasolum Treaty, hailed as one of the most effective intermicronational cooperative agreements in the Anglophone Sector’s history – albeit an exclusive regional agreement between five micronations originally (now four) – is on the brink of collapse due to the uncertain future of the Republic of Anthelia and a menacing Paulovian military build-up.

Facing a continuing drought in activity that has worsened with the lack of activity on the part of its own president, the Republic of Anthelia, which always struggled to attract regularly active immigrants, has petitioned the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg for annexation. Noting thatthe Republic and the Kingdom of Gotzborg have already forged a common destiny,” prominent Anthelian Freddy Warren tabled the resolution in his nation’s parliament and has since been appointed as Anthelia’s official negotiator for the annexation discussions.

Gotzborg has responded positively to the request by Anthelia’s population by agreeing to undertake discussions aimed at forging an agreement that will both secure Anthelia’s culture and heritage, as well as ensure that at some future time the micronation can reclaim its sovereignty when in a healthier state.

In Alexandria, the news of Anthelia’s forthcoming possible annexation by Gotzborg has been met with little concern (i.e. no official reponse), most likely due to historically chilly relations between the two micronations. The same cannot be said, however, for reaction in the remaining Novasolum Treaty Partner, the Kingdom of Paulovia.

In Paulovia, reaction has been very vocal against any total annexation of Anthelia by Gotzborg, with Paulovia’s ambassador to Anthelia, Philip James, issuing a strongly-worded statement on the situation earlier this week. According to the statement, Paulovia sees “no future for the Republic” if the Anthelian Executive Council is unwilling to continue governing, noting that his nation sees total annexation by Gotzborg as “seriously [unbalancing] the political, economic and strategic status quo of the Novasolum continent and continental treaty.” According to James, the only viable option is that Anthelia secede its lands to all of its Novasolum Treaty partners.

Paulovia’s menacing opposition to the will of the Anthelian population in an attempt to gain itself more territory on Novasolum has caused strained relations between the two micronations. This straining of relations is likely to sour Gotzborg-Paulovia relations that were historically close now that Royal Government officials in Gotzborg have seen the ugly head of Paulovian expansionism focus its attacks on Gotzborg’s well-entrenched micronational reputation.

As of late on October 10, the Republic of Anthelia has begun mobilizing its military in response to intelligence that Paulovia’s “James Plan”, to be discussed at today’s Council of Ministers meeting, is likely a plan for invasion of Anthelia to secure its lands for Paulovian use. Contributing to this fear, Paulovia has ordered its First Army to fully mobilize and deploy at all speed to Port Opulenza marshalling points on unspecified orders. Gotzborg, on request from Anthelia for assistance in repelling any Paulovian invasion, has placed its VII Corps on alert status.

It appears that the end of the Novasolum regional partnership is approaching.In Gotzborg, rumours have King August Charles II being advised to seek stronger bilateral agreements with Novasolum micronations due to the belief that the Novasolum treaty is nearing failure. The general consensus in Gotzborg is one of concern in that Paulovia has been so willing to turn against its closest allies in return for a chance at acquiring greater fictional territory.

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  1. The Coprieta Standard released this article the day prior to Alexandria having mobilized troops in response to reported Paulovian actions.

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