Obituary: Sebastien Dev


Writer Georgina Rennes.

Originally reproduced from the Chambery Herald

By Georgina Rennes.

On the first issue after the Bouvet assassinations, the Herald ran three main articles on the three public servants that died in the explosions in Bouvet – the Mayor of Bouvet, the Third Consul and the First Consul.

The article for the First Consul in this issue was written by a close family friend of the Devs, Georgina Rennes. Georgina is a critically acclaimed Alexandrian writer that currently lives in Trevoux, Valencia.


Quote: I grew up in Crecy, Ibelin as an only child with a single mother. We were very poor, and I never knew my father. I only knew this – that my father was from Babhka, born in Raspur. I hoped he’d be a rich Emir, who maybe was in Ibelin doing business during the years Alexandria and Babhka enjoyed a great relationship. I hoped he’d come into our lives randomly one day and rescue us from our hardship.

Later, after I met my father, I tried to believe that he’d changed his number and left no address because he was an idealistic revolutionary – that maybe he had gone back to Babhka through Luthoria to start some real change.

Maybe he’d gone back to Luthoria and disappeared into the frenzy of the construction of a new nation there.

Even as a feminist,my whole life I had been waiting for a man to love, who could love me. For decades, I thought that man would be my father. When I was 25, I met that man, and he became my brother.

When I met Sebastien, I lived in Geneva, where I was trying to write my first novel. I was doing a lot of freelance work and held a job at a local small magazine with a cubicle roughly the size of a small walk-in closet with two other aspiring writers. One day, I was sent to cover an important political conference in Geneva. Our cubicle lit up, as we frenzied in excitement to cover this story. This was 1990. This was my big break.

It was at that conference that I met Sebastian Dev. I was interviewing him, he was due to deliver the keynote address for the evening to a roaring audience of more than 6,000 political operatives and consultants. The Chief of Staff of the First Consul was there, Members of the Assembly were there… it was Sebastian’s first big break too.

When I met Sebastian, he was a guy just a few years older than me in jeans, handsome and confident. After the conference, we met several times in other small political events where we developed our friendship. We would take long walks together – something that would just happen a lot, as we both enjoyed it so much. I don’t remember much of what was said on that first day we met, but I felt that he was someone so valuable and special. I thought it was the light of his rising star shining off on me.

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