Ocia hosts UEG conference

Recently re-elected Ocian President Matt Kovac has opened up a conference for the member micronations of the Union of Eastern Geiss (UEG), barely a month after the multinational organisation imposed strict sanctions on Ocia for its expansionist policies.

Ocia has continued membership in the organisation since causing a sore point for some of its population, most notably the Mr. Kovac’s chief opponent, Edward Simms, who has called for a timetable to be established for Ocia’s exit from the UEG. Mr. Simms has criticized the Union for not taking a neutral approach to the Ocia-Babkha conflict of last month, which he feels was the proper course of action for the UEG members who were supposed to be Ocia’s closest allies. The President has rejected the notion of leaving the organisation, believing that there is nothing wrong with the Union despite its actions in sanctioning Ocia.

Four areas of discussion are on the agenda for the conference: trade agreements, military, currency, and infrastructure creation. It is Ocia’s stance that the Union should provide funding to the member states to assist in the development of infrastructure, with Ocia desiring financial assistance for its various projects currently underway. In the other discussion areas, increased cooperation is being proposed by Mr. Kovac, as well as a clarification regarding how the individual militaries of member micronations interact with one another. Also proposed is a discussion to ascertain whether the adoption of a single currency for the Union would be a viable undertaking.

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