Ocia seeks unicameral legislature

Still a small micronation in terms of population, the Federal Republic of Ocia has undertaken discussions on reverting to a unicameral legislative system from the current bicameral system in place. Prime Minister Nonette made the proposal on the basis that, despite having a bicameral system, the vast majority of legislative activity takes place in one chamber – the National Assembly.

According to the prime minister, a formal unicameral legislature would “provide for more streamlined lawmaking,” while providing a more realistic system to reflect the micronation’s small population. Michael Dervin, the Minister of the Exterior, voiced his agreement with the proposal, noting that Ocia should move towards one law-making body consisting of a number of seats proportional to the size of the national population.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly is also discussing the future executive structure of Ocia in light of a possible merger with the micronation of Slaventia. Discussions between the two micronations are ongoing while the vote to support the merger remains deadlocked in Slaventia.

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