Ocian Government suspends Constitution as tensions continue to rise with Alexandria

Dr. Matt Kovac, President of Ocia

President Matt Kovac, the President of the Ocian Federation, yesterday suspended the Ocian Constitution. Ocia had previously been gearing up for its federal elections but the registration of “virtually no political parties” to contest them led to Dr. Kovac’s bold decision.


The news followed the rather bizarre and provocative step of setting up a Ministry of Luthorian Reintegration. In a Presidential Decree, Kovac repeatedly insulted the Emperor, Mssr Alejandro Castillo, the Prime Consul of Luthoria, and the Empire as a whole was referred to as a kleptocracy. Alexandrian officials have yet to respond to the comments but it appears to be a retaliatory measure from the Ocian Leader after the Imperial Assembly passed the Monovia Resolution, mandating the Imperial Government to restrict all non-Alexandrian goods into Monovia. Sources in the Ashkenatzan Foreign Ministry, long time experts in observing the Ocian Federation, have privately expressed their amazement at Kovac’s latest move. The suspension of the Constitution, the bastion against Fascism, has virtually installed Kovac as a fascist Dictator in the Federation. It remains to be seen what next the unpredictable Ocian President, who revels in his own personality cult, will do next. The threat of unconventional retaliation hangs heavily in the air in Geneva tonight.

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