Ocian presidency up for election

In just over twenty-four hours, the Federal Republic of Ocia will head to the polls to elect a new president. The Liberal Democracy of Ocia political party is fronting incumbent President Matt Kovac, the favoured candidate in the election, while the Libertarian Party is hoping that leader Edward Simms can steal the presidency.

Touting his economic success, Mr. Kovac described himself as a leader who is “looking towards the future and … ensuring our infrastructure, foreign relations, defence, healthcare, and quality of life.” He signalled his intention to continue Ocia’s membership in the Union of Eastern Giess, despite the organisation that consists of Ocia and its two historic allies Adraisia and Trinovantium abandoning Ocia in its recent diplomatic fallout with the Kingdom of Babkha. Mr. Kovac also celebrated his improvements in the area of national defence, noting that he has “ensured vital defence spending is used to purchase new military equipment.” He concluded his election speech with the promise of leading a united Ocia into the future.

His sole competitor, Mr. Simms, saw the current president’s performance during the diplomatic crisis with Babkha in a much different light, charging that the “current administration has dragged Ocia through the floor,” and that the micronation’s  “little reputation went from good to horrible,” under Mr. Kovac’s leadership. He accused the President of doing little to strengthen the micronation’s military and not promoting enough internal development. Mr. Simms has promised to restore confidence in the national government as well as improve the image of Ocia abroad following this month’s diplomatic follies. He also intends to focus on internal development instead of “going off and supporting an expansionist agenda that Ocia cannot handle (referring to the Castonia incident as well as the Ocian colony of North Point).”

The election will conclude at 8:01 Eastern Standard Time on December 3, after thirty-two hours of voting. Elections for the prime ministry will be held this January.

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