Ocia’s colonisation programme alienates allies

Ocia’s foreign affairs have been steadily degrading since its attempt to annex the micronation of Castonia was rebuked by several established micronations last week. Today, it was announced that Ocia’s two closest allies, Adraisia and Trinovantium, have decided to implement a requirement that Ocia cease its colonisation plans on the Geographical Standards Organisation world map of Geiss.

Those two micronations, along with Ocia, form the Union of Eastern Geiss which has ordered Ocia to not file land claims on Geiss for the next three months (Ocia’s President Matt Kovac has complied with the order, informing his government that no claims will be made until February 22, 2008). In the Union’s order, Ocia was criticized for its recent actions that have brought the community to the brink of war, as well as for its intention to invade and annex Castonia. The order, drafted by Will Tomsett of Adraisia, goes on to characterise Ocia as a “child denied sweets” and accuses the micronation of dragging the name of the Union and its two closest allies into the mud.

The order, which was drafted and passed quickly yesterday, appears to be more directly in response to an ongoing diplomatic incident between Babkha and Ocia. In a November 19 diplomatic letter to Babkha, President Kovac claimed that the micronations who formed opposition to the annexation (of which Babkha was one) “clearly do not want Ocia to expand.” The President went on to say that Castonia was not an issue as “no one [in Babkha] cared or cares about Castonia … and no one [in Babkha] has said anything about it.” He went on to accuse Babkha of not wanting to resolve its rocky relationship with Ocia, which began when Ocia claimed a portion of the lands vacated by Hurmu on Geiss in early October, peacefully.Continuing, the President noted that, “we do not need to consult anyone prior to claiming or attacking anyone, only our own government, allies and parties that are affected.”

Babkha’s Grand Vizier Hesam Jahandar dismissed Ocia’s claim, noting that President Kovac “cannot unilaterally decide that Castonia ‘does not count’.” He further noted that Babkha would not be offering any formal response to Ocia, nor will it apologize for any action it undertook in the Castonia incident.

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