October elections for Parliament affected by activity

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC NewsDespite low levels of interest and activity from most Alexandrians, elections for the Imperial Parliament went ahead despite the fact that two provincial seats for the Imperial Parliament remain empty. The seats for the provinces of Baudrix and Rio Grande did not receive any candidacy papers, and all of the other candidates won by default in provinces where elections are usually contested.

The Emperor decided against closing the Imperial Parliament and declaring a state of emergency. “I strongly believe in the democratic gains we have made over the last year, and I decided that Parliament could continue smoothly with just two seats empty. Hopefully, Alexandrians will see that an active Parliament is in their best interest,” said His Imperial Majesty to ABCC News.

The elections resulted in the surprising shattering of the massive Conservative supermajority of the 4th Imperial Parliament, and in the return of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to Parliament by winning the normally Conservative stronghold of Asuncion. Jean Pierre Robespierre, formerly a junior Conservative MP, ran as an independent. Most Conservative MP’s such as former Prime Minister Jacques Gordon (Baudrix) and Andre Cesaire (Rio Grande) have retreated into inactivity. Federico LeMamon, a former Conservative turned independent, also succumbed to inactivity.

Results of the October 2006 election for Parliament
· Asunción: Sebastien Alexandre (PDP)
· Puerto Nuevo: Matthieu Poitiers (ACP)
· Valenciennes: Pete James (AAP)
· Ibelin: Jean Pierre Robespierre (Independent)
· Prime Ministry: Jose Frias (ACP)
· Baudrix and Rio Grande remain empty.

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