OHSIH: Crimson Order Opens Mother Lodge

Empire In accordance with His Majesty, the Emperor’s, Imperial Edict issued on the first of this year, The Office of His Serene Imperial Highness issued a statement in the Square of the People notifying citizens that the Crimson Order is now restructuring the Atteran Imperial Defence Forces (AIDF). The Crimson Order has begun plans to reform the AIDF with the institution of several changes within its rank structure and mode of operations, to include creating a Mother Lodge to handle all administrative and operational matters. The Crimson Order, the famed and extremely secretive military order, was given the mandate to overhaul the current military structure by taking over all AIDF operations, and has now become the main military entity in all of the Atteran Commonwealth micronations.

This restructuring will unify all Atteran military forces under one direct chain of command with two actual divisions. The first of the two divisions is the Order of the Tiger which will handle internal forum defensive operations, coupled with continued simulations to include air and naval forces. The second division is the Order of the White and Black Eagle which is responsible for all external actions, and diplomacy. With this restructuring, what can be reported is that this move is in response to the new surge in citizenship within the Atteran Empire. With the greater citizen base, it was deemed necessary by the Emperor, to allow the Crimson Order to establish their Mother Lodge within the Sa’an province to consolidate his power as Supreme Lord High Mason of the order, and because of the vacancy of leadership in Transattera. The Crimson Order was based in Illumina, the capital of Transattera, but due to His Atteran Highness, Jason the First’s vacancy of the Transatteran Crown and as the informal leader of the Crimson Order, operations were moved to Cornelius Majoralis in the Sa’an.

During the last days of 2003, all Atteran Commonwealth leaders elected the Emperor to the position as Supreme Lord High Mason, as he is the senior in both the military and as a Freemason.

Upon the return of many Atteran citizens from the Iraqi theatre of war, the only Atteran Commonwealth sovereign to remain active was His Majesty, the Emperor. At current Transattera, Ecosse-Aersat and Syrah remain under Atteran Imperial control. Their eventual status and independence is still undecided.

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