Old Habits Die Hard as Reagan Hacks Emeraldian Successor State

The United Kingdom of Luthoria (formerly New Hawaii), which is the successor state of the former Irish Republic of Emeraldia, has through its prime minister announced that citizen Liam Reagan has been expelled from the micronation. Prime Minister Aedan Clark made the announcement following the results of an investigation that confirmed hacking activities on the part of Mr. Reagan.

Mr. Reagan was granted citizenship in the latter portion of July after King Mo’i Kakali (Aaron O’Wray) agreed to provide an opportunity for Mr. Reagan to redeem himself for past actions. Those past actions included the hacking and deletion of the Emeraldian forums, owned by Mr. O’Wray, in three different incidents that crippled the Irish Republic. The third deletion masterminded by Mr. Reagan, after being allowed to return to Emeraldia despite his previous crimes, effectively destroyed the Irish Republic until it was reformed as the Kingdom of New Hawaii, which was recently renamed as Luthoria.

According to Prime Minister Clark, Mr. Reagan (currently known locally as Kilikiopela) was expelled to “avoid situations that have arisen past countries.” The Prime Minister held out hope that Mr. Reagan would learn to get over his urge to hack websites owned by Mr. O’Wray, who is a macronational colleague (though it is unclear if this is still the case given his constant harassment of Mr. O’Wray’s property).

The Prime Minister has not ruled out the possible future reinstatement of citizenship, something which is not a stretch given that Mr. Reagan has been allowed to return and freely operate in the country and its predecessors despite his grievous crimes.

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