One-on-One: Joe Foxon

CS: A lot of Mercury’s activity focuses on micronational sport and indeed you are quite active in that aspect of the wider micronational community. What do you see as the value of sport in micronationalism?

JF: It’s just a bunch of people with a common interest getting together and doing something that they enjoy. As I said before, it’s the only time on Micras where I’ve felt a sense of community, but it’s still a small community. We don’t just do football any more. There are five sports now with their own organisations, so I’m sure most people can find something they’re interested in, and the rest can start up a sport of their own!

CS: As the Vice-President of the Fédération Micraise de Football, you play a key supporting role in the management and simulation of football within the Micras community. The organization has undergone some notable changes in recent months, including the transformation of the World Cup and other major tournaments into biannual events as well as some organizational changes. Would you share with us your thoughts on the future of the organization? Is the spacing-out of the tournaments a sign or symptom of reduced activity on the part of the FMF leadership in the coming future?

JF: It’s definitely not to do with reduced activity, because we’ve actually expanded the tournament. I proposed the idea of holding all continental tournaments annually, in line with the CiboTap Championships, but with the expanded World Cup, there just wouldn’t be enough time in the year to fit it all in. Next year will be the 10th World Cup, the last in the current format, and hopefully, we might be able to bring back some teams from World Cups past and get them to battle it out in a World Cup of their own.

CS: Any final thoughts?

JF: I’m sure people will have said it in the past, but make sure you’re having fun when you’re doing this, don’t take it too seriously, and let’s have some great non-sporting projects to talk about!

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