Opinion: Independence for Madland, please

The following opinion column was written by a Madlandian citizen that has requested to remain anonymous. 

The union with Antica was painted to us in beautiful brushstrokes of pink. It was almost too romantic. Antica was to take Madland to the altar and make it part of its Empire. It was supposed to be a great moment for our country. One of pride and celebration. We were joining our great allies and friends, who had fought with us, side by side, when 100,000 New Puerto Rican rebels were knocking at the gates of Frankfurt. They always offered their full support whenever Madland needed it. The union was supposed to cure the constant crisis that Madland faced with participation. Our culture was going to explode in a huge renaissance that would make Antica look the greatest patron of culture and arts all around micronationalism. We would grow unhindered beyond our wildest dreams. Madland was supposed to get itself out of the hole it had been stuck in ever since it was founded two years ago. Where did the optimism and promise of the Union go? Where did the slogans and campaigns go?
There is only one simple explanation: they are all dead.
The optimism has been replaced with a heavy pessimism clouding Madland. The promises and pledges of a new and better future were destroyed. The slogans and campaigns quickly disappeared once everything had been done. We now see how our government officials have deserted us in a foreign land. We see how our people are treated with indifference by Antica. We see how a judicial system (which is totally biased and, hence, doomed) “flourishes” at the expense of the Emperor and Madland’s reputations. The government that was supposed to transition us into a greater future never showed up to do what they were supposed to. We were abandoned, left on our own. And the Antican government has taken this as its great advantage. They are ripping apart our Emperor through a shabby trial, fabricated by the Emperors of Antica, to finally destroy him. Why must you ask? Well, they want Madland. They want to destoy the Emperor and take away what he calls “my only child”. They want to take away that which he has created and worked for years. With this trial they aim to destroy his reputation and remove him from power. Yes, remove him from power… I know that might be a bold accusation, but I am Madlandian. I speak what I think. They will poison the jury, which is already largely pro-Antican, to declaring the Emperor guilty. God knows what they’ll do to him. They will strip him of all of his leadership positions and make him rot in a jail.
Must we allow this to happen?
Many scream out against the injustice but fail to do anything. They stand watching the Emperor get destroyed.
We must not let this happen. But how exactly… independence for Madland. Destroying the wretched bond that keeps us an Antican province. A bond that is quietly making us sink deeper and deeper into destruction.
But, we must not pursue this course of action the “Madlandian way”. That is, with the non-stop, “by any means necessary” mentality. We must garner support from other micronations and do this peacefully. Antica should remain our friend, so we should not insult or enrage it while we undertake this noble quest. We must undertake this quest in the most, well, polite manner… by saying please and thank you’s whenever they are needed. By praising the Anticans for, at least, taking us into their Empire. We must remember that they were indeed there when Madland was threatened by the might of Admiral Jones and the New Puerto Rican rebel army. We must remember that, had it not been for Antica, the USSR, and Absentia, our nation would be under the yoke of a illegitimate communist, authoritarian rule.
How are we going to pursue this? What are we going to do?
Well, first of all, I must say that technically, Madland has not officially joined Antica.
Crazy perhaps? No. It is true.
It is a crucial part of the transition process that has not been checked out of the list. The referendum, in the eye of Madlandian constitutional law, was just a poll. With the results of it, the Emperor was to sign a Charter proposed by Antica, and then proceed to write and sign an Imperial decree which would finalize the process and officially make Madland an Antican province.
The steps taken by the Madlandian Transitional Government were to rush the transition, trampling constitutional law in Madland. So, the Transitional Government of Madland is unconstitutional, and so is the Union.
But, I do not expect the Anticans to buy into this right away. I do not see the struggle for Madlandian independence as an easy task for the future. But, I do make a call on the Madlandian Emperor to please, separate Madland from Antica, before they separate you from us. Please, do so before they strip you of all your dignity in front of those who hate you. Do it before they destroy your “only child”.
So, Antica, give Madland its independence… please.
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